Mini Train Rides Waushakum Live Steamers, Holliston

Scaled-down steamer trains that hobbyists gather to exhibit. Free rides, donations welcome. Time is approximate based on limited information from their website.

New Years Day Run
Coffee, Donuts & Soup

“Throughout the year, Waushakum hosts events open to visitors. Usually, there will be someone at the track by 8:30 or 9:00AM and until the late afternoon.  However, all depends on when members arrive and decide to leave.  No one is required to be there.  We are members of Waushakum because we have a passion for this great hobby.”

The Waushakum Live Steamers is at the end of Arthur St. in Holliston, Massachusetts.

See posts and pictures on this FB page

[CK Note: We have been to one of these before. It is a very unique experience. The directions will take you to the end of a cul de sac, then you will see the dirt road to what looks like a camp. Hobbyists come from across New England to this unique event, but they do look to share the experience with the public.]